The Colony transformed into a film studio.

Several directors, an imposed actress, a period of 1 to 11 minutes by a director, an hour or a day of shooting, complete freedom of exquisite sujet.Cadavre Aubrac: Aurélia Petit Actress and producer of the project, Martine Coste Actress, Hugh Foal cinematographer, Fréd Dabo Sound and director Christophe Lamotte.
Previous directors are the Larrieu Brothers, Mathieu Amalric, Charles Castella, Dominik Moll, Solveig Anspach, Bernard Laurent, Julien Donada Valérie Minetto ....

This engine is running.


Cinema on a plate (Press Centre)
After shooting the short film "A Thousand Suns", Aubrac just received the director Christophe Lamotte and his team came to film part of "Exquisite Corpse". Discovery ...> Download the press article

Thousand Suns on Aubrac (Press Centre)
Today, the Aubrac plateau serves as a backdrop to the short film "1000 Suns" directed by Mati Diop. A road movie between real quest and dream in the wide open spaces. > Download the press article

At certain times of the year, we organize in a strictly private, film screenings.
The film Havoc in the presence of its director Christophe Lamotte took place in July 2010.

This was in 2011, we will present the work of several directors, including Jean-Paul Girbal. His film, "The most dangerous man in the world" will be broadcast several times during the season.

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In August, 2012, with director Christophe Lamotte, we will present his film: A new life.

With Pailhas, Francis Renaud, Yves Afanso

In a small northern town, Nathalie Vaillant hangs somehow to what remains: her two children and her nursing home work. For a year, her husband is in a deep coma. Nobody knows if it will come out one day. During one of her professional visits, she treats Kazim, a wrestler of Iraqi origin. She then falls in love.

For more information: 05 65 51 64 79

September 2013 The Colony welcome the film crew of the last clip of Matthew Mendes for his latest song "Okay". A very nice atmosphere on this shoot.


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La Colonie 12470 Aubrac
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L'équipe de Télé Matin avec Marie Dominique Perrin, film La Colonie en octobre 2013. Depuis, après quelques mois de travaux, La Colonie vous offre encore plus de confort.

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