La Colonie has a private seating area where you can take the time to discover photographic works.
I will present the work of my sister, Chrystèle Lérisse, visual artist.

> Le dernier ouvrage de Chrystèle Lérisse

photo christele

Label Soulages 2014

Chrystèle Lérisse is a photographic artist, born in 1960.
A pupil of Gilles Kervella (prize Niepce 1980), in 1976
she enrolled in law school and worked as auxiliary redactor
for the newspaper ‘Ouest France’. Later in 1978,
she became assistant photographer at L’École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Tours. In 1986,
she developed her artistic work where the use of silver, and black and white are two constants.
"Always located in immediate proximity to the visible substance of things be photographed,
her work explores the surface to reveal the essence."

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