La Colonie

Bar La Colonie, Aubrac
Wine and Champagne Bar

During your stay at La Colonie a variety of wines, including natural and organic wines, will be offered as well as our family champagne Champagne Chauvet.


The history of Champagne Chauvet takes shape more than 150 years ago, with the great-grandfather of the current leaders of the House. Owner at this time of vines in Bouzy and Ay, he decides, in 1848, to produce his own champagne.

Thus he acquires the domain of the Cross Saint-Jacques, whose magnificent cellars dug in 1798 are all the fame. It is these same cellars that subsequent generations will apply to enlarge. When he transmits, half a century later, his affair to his niece Aimée, the young Auguste Chauvet, her husband, takes over and gives the Maison Chauvet its nobility. With his sister Cécile under the manor of which will soon be mumbling new cellars, with always members of the Chauvet family to each succeeding generations. The spirit of the place is perpetuated, the inheritance is transmitted.


Cellar in Tours Sur Marne

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